Thursday, 7 June 2012

Haters are just confused admirers...

Now, I just shared the super exciting news Gary James recently shared with the A4cwsn community.
Of course there is already "people" trying to cause drama.
 "If people are trying to bring you down, it only means you are above them".

The people/person is trying to create a drama out of this post...
I believe this comment was made because someone (not naming names..) had posted some very rude comments on A4cwsn. Stating that they could not win because they were in Israel (along with other comments that suggested Gary James was racist against certain religious or ethnic groups.)

These comments are COMPLETELY untrue and based on absolutely nothing but feelings of entitlement! People from all over the world can win and have won apps and 'items' from A4cwsn, as long as Apple allows it, for instance someone in Australia cannot win an iTunes card bought in America.
Apple's rules.
Not Gary's rules.
Not A4cwsn's rules.

Where you live does NOT minimize your chance at winning anything - unless it's due to Apple restrictions such as in the case of iTunes gift cards.
Your religion does NOT minimize or maximize your chance at winning.
There are people from all over the world, representing all different ethnic and religious groups on A4cwsn.
Everyone is and has always been treated the same!

Not once have I seen anyone's religion or ethnicity mentioned, not once have these things been commented on by Members OR Admin, not once has there been an issue about religion - positive or negative. It has never, ever come into it. The only time I've seen religion brought up on A4cwsn is when this particular former member brought it up. That should speak for itself. Who's the one with the problem here?

Also a comment on a certain blog that discusses this issue and accuses A4cwsn of being racist: The blog suggests the use of the term 'Monkey' is derogatory to Jewish people - specifically that it is used by Arabs and Muslims as a racial slur towards Jews. I've consulted reliable sources (read: Arabs and Muslims) who have told me this is NOT the case. When A4 supporters use the term 'Monkey' to refer to haters, they are simply deriving it from the title of the blog from which most of the hatred towards A4cwsn comes. Period.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Super Exciting!

Gary James recently told the A4cwsn facebook community this exciting news!

How exciting is THIS!!!

Monday, 28 May 2012


You never know what's going to happen over at A4cwsn!
Always lots of fun!

Just a bit of friendly competition...

You might even be pleasantly surprised.
If you join in and are a part of the community any thing can happen!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

More amazing things

The A4cwsn facebook page has been pretty busy lately...

There has been the Purchased App Party, where 700 apps were given away.

There has been the Top Fan (friendly) competition going on.
Where there will be apps/iTunes cards given to some of the top fans

There is a new A4cwsn page, being run by a few lovely people from A4, all about Free Apps!

And Now we were just told some exciting news! One person is going to win $500!!

There is always something exciting going on over at A4cwsn

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wonderful Community

Just a quick post...
I wanted to share another little screenshot showing how wonderful the people in the A4 community are.
Here is a person who won an iPod touch a little while ago from A4.
He recently had a chip-in supported by A4CWSN.
The chip-in is complete so he decided to give the iPod touch back to A4 so that someone who is in need of a device is able to win it.

Saturday, 31 March 2012


A few months ago A4cwsn-Australia were in a competition run by Sunsuper.
A4 needed to get the most votes to win a $5000 grant towards getting iPads to children with special needs in Australia and New Zealand.
A4cwsn - Australia won!
We were all very excited, these things do take a little bit of organizing and time.
That was not good enough for those who have something against A4cwsn.
So they started to harass sunsuper.
Here are some pictures of them doing just that.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Some fun things!

Just wanted to share some more positives.
Some of the fun things that go on over at the A4cwsn facebook page

You can win iTunes cards!


Lovely community members gift apps so that others can have a chance to win!

Possibility for teachers and therapists to win an iPad to use!

Apps are randomly given out by developers/reviewers!

And of course when we see a price drop of an app we let each other know!

Just a few more pictures showing how awesome A4cwsn really is!